Prime foam

Insulate your home and receive up to 100% rebate with the National Grid Total Home Comfort Program.


Outperforms traditional fiberglass insulations

Spray foam expands to fill every gap and crack, providing a monolithic seal.

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Save 50% or more on your energy costs

Exercise more control over indoor temperatures, regardless of weather.

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What is Primefoam?

Spray foam insulation is the energy-efficient alternative to traditional insulation. When applied, spray foam expands to fill every gap and crack, providing a monolithic seal. It stops heat from escaping in winter and from entering in summer, contrasting sharply with fiberglass insulation which allows air to seep through it.
Our Primefoam team members are certified professionals with a keen understanding of the technology and how it can serve you. Moreover, we source our spray foam from quality manufacturers like BASF and Premium to maximize the benefits of insulating your space with spray foam.

“Our house always used to be so drafty, but ever since Primefoam installed spray foam insulation, it’s a whole different living experience!”

- Marissa and Jack

Products And Services

Custom Solutions

Primefoam is dedicated to providing our customers with comfortable, energy-efficient spaces. Whether you’re interested in making your home less drafty or require a healthy work environment for a large commercial building, we have it covered. We tackle each project with a fresh eye to create custom solutions that will work for each client and the specific circumstances.

Open-Cell VS Closed Cell Insulation

There are two kinds of spray foam insulation: open-cell and closed-cell. Open-cell spray foam is the more inexpensive option, and its dense nature is spongy, which makes it an ideal sound dampener. The composition of closed-cell spray foam, on the other hand, actually strengthens structures and is unsurpassable at controlling temperatures and reducing pollutants, etc.

Removal & Installation

Your old insulation might not only be inefficient and a waste of money; it could be a serious health hazard to you and your family. We remove previously-installed insulation as well as providing new, spray foam insulation. Moreover, Primefoam’s spray foam is made from recycled materials and renewable resources, so you can improve the quality of your environment without affecting the environment.

Primefoam Advantages

Regulate heating and cooling

It’s estimated that 40% or more of your home’s energy loss is due to holes, cracks, and gaps. But with Primefoam’s spray foam installed in your walls, crawl spaces, etc., you can reduce HVAC costs and extend the life of HVAC equipment. Exercise more control over indoor temperatures, regardless of weather, with spray foam insulation.

Keep pests and pollutants out

The same way that air escapes through gaps, pests and pollutants can get inside. Spray foam insulation keeps these undesirable elements at bay. Moreover, our spray foam has no ingredients in it that appeal to insects or animals, reducing the likelihood that they’ll chew through the foam.

Reduce Humidity & Mold

Humidity breeds moisture, and moisture begets mold. Humidity levels remain high in structures with gaps and cracks, leading to certain mold growth. Though you may never see it, this mold can cause wood rot, building damage, and even health issues for allergy-sensitive individuals.

Reduce Noice Levels

Sound travels through the gaps and cracks between your walls and around your windows and doors. Sealing those gaps helps reduce ambient noise and create a comfortable living environment.

For the best insulation, think Primefoam.